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rozay  ROZAY -

Ah, Rozay – a sneaky French slang word for champagne. I’m the bubbly toast for the new year, that’s for sure, and the year is still early. Why not come down and meet me, a big dog who is ready to be a great pal? I love dogs and people. I don’t like cats. And because of my size and rambunctious energy when I play, probably no kids under 8 for me (I jump after favorite toys, and not much can stop me. I’m a big boy!) I arrived here as a stray and have not had much training, but I will happily sit for treats, so I have excellent potential. I look forward to regular exercise and plenty of obedience training.



Howdy! I'm Socks, and I'm campaigning to find my new forever family! Just like former First Cat Socks Clinton, if you elect me as your new feline friend, I promise to bring fun, frisk, and friendship to your "White House" for many years to come.

What are my campaign promises, you ask? I promise to bring lots of play and antics to you every day. I'll jump after wand toys, chase toy mice, and stalk and catch the laser pointer dot wherever it goes. After a good play session, I'll come by for some neck rubs and to give you head bumps. Being just about 2-3 years old, I'm prepared to hold this office for many terms and many years to come.

My whistlestop tour starts when you come visit me at the shelter. Come quick and don't delay. Vote for Socks!

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