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Oh friends, it’s been a tough road for me, Mamma Bones, and my grown-up boy Tom Tom, who shares a cage with me, as well as our friend Bubba Gump, who is a few cages down. Our owner had to give all three of us up because she feared for our safety. She told us that another person living in the house no longer liked cats, and was threatening us. How scary is that? It was a hard day when she left us here, but we’re all sticking together, and we each have a box and a blanket for comfort.

I’m a lap cat and like to play. I’m declawed in the front, and I’ve been a pet all my life. Tom Tom and I need to be adopted because we are a bonded pair. (You can check out Tom Tom at

Guess what? If you are 60 years or older, HSHA provides significant adoption fee discounts. My adoption fee would be free! For more information, go to



My name is Candice, and you just might notice I'm missing an eye. Well, I have quite a story to tell about that. Got a minute? I was probably born in July of 2014, and I likely had a home for a while, but eventually found myself on the streets. I came to the shelter in May of 2015, a cute (and two-eyed) piston of teenager who was full of energy -- I loved tennis balls (still do), but tug-of-war and rope toys were too stimulating for me, and at the time I guarded my valuables. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I was adopted in July of 2015! And things may have been good for awhile. But this May, I got loose and was hit by a car. My owners brought me right to the shelter for vet care, as they should. My eye was so damaged that it had to be removed. Scary times for this young lady. I was sent back home, but for whatever reason, I escaped again and was brought back in to the shelter by a kind person who found me. The moral of the story is, my original adopters just aren't the right fit for me, so my friends at the shelter are hoping a new family can keep me safe.

Despite my vision loss, I'm still full of energy and then some. I love people, attention, affection, and playing. Although I'm a little more grown up now, I may have missed out on socialization and stability in my younger days. Now is your chance to take me to obedience classes, which I really need because now I have to learn to listen to people, unless I want to get in more trouble. Like all young dogs, I will need lots of consistent exercise with a family who loves a grassy yard as much as I do. I must say I'm not the right dog to live with most cats, but if you have a dog-savvy feline who can steer clear of adolescent energy, then that would be OK. I am fine with a dog friend, and I seem to get along with all my dog neighbors at the shelter. You might notice that I have a grown-up name (Candice means "clarity") and it's perfect for me, because I'm ready to practice being mature, be an obedient young lady, and swivel these ears to catch every clear sound around me!

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