Cannonball! This boy is a ginormous mix of pit bull terrier and Italian mastiff (or Cane Corso). Although, he has slimmed down now that he is on a strict diet and exercise program. Cannon does well with other dogs. He is an easy-going senior pup who loves people, attention, and treats. However, he cannot live with cats or other small critters because he is way too interested in chasing them. Due to Cannon's size and grabbiness with food, he should not live with kids under 12. Cannon is very friendly and affectionate despite coming from a cruelty situation where he was not given the proper care at all. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Cannon, the staff can tell you more about his previous situation and his future medical needs, because he does have some health issues.

Born in November of 2009, his life took an unexpected turn of events heading into his sixth year of life when he arrived at the shelter in November of 2015. Trying to be adopted with some health and medical issues can be a challenge so if fostering is more attractive, please do not hesitate to come in and meet this gentle giant! This pleasant old fellow doesn’t ask for much…except maybe plenty of space for his massive hulking frame of dogness.



Howdy! I'm Socks, and I'm campaigning to find my new forever family! Just like the former First Cat Socks, if you elect me as your new feline friend, I promise to bring friendship to your "White House" for many years to come.

What are my campaign promises, you ask? I promise to show you that unlike other politicians, I am honest and independent. No muss, no fuss. To encourage you to donate money to my PAC, "Elect Socks - the Cat with the Cute White Feet.: I also promise to come by and give you some nice head bumps and walk across your lap. Of course, like any politician, I know how the play the game - wand toys that is. Being just around four years old, I'm prepared to hold this office for many years to come.

My whistlestop tour starts when you come visit me at the shelter. Some wonderful angels have made significant contribution to my adoption fees. Come quick and don't delay. Adopt Socks!