Well, who didn't love Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and big bear Baloo? He was a goofy galumph of a friend, and that's what I'm like too. I'm a senior male Labrador Retriever mix, born in 2008, who has been in and out of the shelter and may not have always had the best of care. My name was Rudy and now it's Baloo, and my ears prick up if you call me Rudy Baloo, so I guess I like all my names as one name too! I was most recently found as a stray, because I like to get out and roam, explore, have adventures, and see what's around the next corner. My adventures have given me a rough-and-tumble look. I have a few patchy spots, and a troublesome eye, and I'm skinny at the moment. All this means is I'm ready for some TLC -- and no more off-leash walks -- in my golden years. Because I am so skilled at getting out and exploring for days, the staff here feels that I should not live with children under five, just because young kids might leave a door, gate, or window open, and I'll be on my way again. I know "sit" like an expert and I love treats. I like to chase balls, but unlike my retriever lineage might suggest, I don't bring them back! But I'm happy to chase them all the same. Here's some really good news -- I don't chase cats. My friends here are happy to have me meet your cat (or cats) if you'd like to see how we all might get along. I also get along with other dogs, although I'm mostly indifferent to them. If you'd like a sweet old black dog in your life, I'm ready to fill that role.


Howdy partner! Garth Brooks, here! I know I’m not wearing a cowboy hat, but I might just be one of the most handsome kitties around these parts. How did I get here? I was found wondering around, so a nice person brought me to the shelter - I could have done it myself if I would have had a horse! – and I have been patiently awaiting my new home since. I'd love it if you'd come get to know me! Take a seat a while, and I'll saunter up by and by for you to give me a pet hello. I love me some petting, and I sure like to play. You can’t forget my beautiful coloring, so come on down to the shelter and visit me anytime. Ask for Garth Brooks!