Curious George is a great name for me -- I'm a big playful Bengal-looking cat who loves feather toys, wand toys, and a simple game of batting string. I think boxes are fantastic too! I'm looking for a new family who will provide me with lots of stimulating things to do. I'm a smart fella who might not be content to sleep all day. I'm also FIV+, and the staff can tell you more about that. Rest assured, however, that it's not contagious to humans. If you have other cats, you'll need to know that FIV can be transmitted to them through a deep bite. So, I might do best as the only cat in a home. And that's OK, because my personality is big enough to fill a house all by itself!


Lovely Miss Skyla, that's me! At eight years old, I'm a senior female pit bull terrier mix. I had a home all my life, but my owner could no longer take care of me, so I ended up here. I did not live with cats in my former home and probably should not live with any in the future. I'm eager to please my human friends, and I'm easygoing, especially on a walk, which I love. I'm somewhat anxious is certain situations, so no kids under 5 in my new home. And since I'm a senior, I do qualify for the waived adoption fee that comes with the Mature Pets for Mature People program -- if you're a senior citizen looking for a loyal and affectionate doggo, then I'm the one.