Not all dogs get an exclamation mark after their name, but I do! Bam! That's me, and I'm a muscular fellow who loves a game of fetch. I was found as a stray, so everyone's best guess is that I'm an adult pit bull terrier mix. I'm so playful and outgoing that I have a reputation as silly boy who gets a mean case of the zoomies, or "butt tucking," where I race around as fast I can to show how excited I am. I'm not sure I know my own strength, so for now, no kids under twelves in my new home. I also don't like cats, but I could get along with other dogs who are at my energy level. I'm also very good at keeping myself occupied with a sturdy toy -- something rugged to chew on would be great. Sometimes I am nervous and mouthy, so I'd benefit from an experienced owner who can build my confidence through obedience lessons. Like all dogs, I will need regular exercise and socialization. If you are looking for a sleek black dog who is 100% muscle and 1000% playful, come meet me, Bam!


Hey Folks, I'm Tippy! I am available for adoption or a permanent foster home. I came to the shelter as a stray. Upon arrival I tested positive for FIV and had a badly injured back leg. The staff at HSHA amputated my leg in order to save my life. These medical situations didn't stop me from being adopted. Sadly, I was once again returned, at no fault of my own but because my owners were moving and couldn't take me along. At the time of my return I added an additional 5lbs to my already overweight figure. This has caused some joint health issues and therefore I will need to be kept on low caloric diet to help keep my weight down. I am doing my best to watch my lady like figure. I'm currently living with my Foster Mom. If you'd like to add me to your family, please contact the shelter (717-564-3320) and they can set us up a date to meet!