You gotta hand it to Tom Petty. He could not only be allowed, but expected to, at this stage in his career issue a compilation of hits or the odd box set instead of laboring on a new album. He's not only been remarkably active for a musician of his pedigree, but consistently *good*. I would have to go back to 1990's "Into The Great Wide Open" to find a Petty/Heartbreakers offering that I thought fell short. Even by that standard, there were still many musical moments worth enjoying. 

The latest album "Hypnotic Eye" turns out to be a great album surrounded by lofty expectations. The previous album "Mojo" was a trip into the swamps and the deltas, exploring and celebrating their blues influences. Tom Petty is a student of music, and has cast off the monkey from his back requiring another "Refugee" or "Free Falling". The music on Hypnotic Eye is classic Heartbreakers. Free from the heavy handed production of Jeff Lynne, and Rick Rubin. All You Can Carry is a perfect example of a modern Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers song, that would be at home on any of the classic MCA albums from the early to mid 1980's. The album however is not dated. The musical growth chart of this band has been measured in quantum leaps. This is a fine album, by a band that do not sound like they've hit their creative peak yet. After nearly 40 years, that's quite a nice thought.