Nobody is banning the guy from Duck Dynasty. 

They are too busy counting money, and laughing their asses off at all of the free publicity they are getting. Don't believe me? Ask Miley Cyrus. She gears up to put out a record, goes on an award show, twerks, then releases a video licking hammers, and people are all cranked up and talking about her. She sells CDs faster than they can print them. 

Here we are between seasons on what is a very successful TV series. You can buy everything from baseball hats, to Christmas CD's to Beef Jerky with the Dynasty boys all over it. For every person who is outraged by Phil's remarks, there's going to be another person who stands behind what he says. Maybe one of those people weren't watching before, but they're going to now. This "scandal" was well planned and thought out. You can bet your sweet ass that the season premiere of their show is going to blow the ratings off the chart. 

One of the things I've learned to count on from the generation that came before me, is don't ask them a question if you don't want a blunt answer. When they came up, there was no political correctness. Maybe today some of those ways are outdated to many including myself, but those are the facts as he/they see it. Basically, if you ask Phil Robertson or my Dad what they think about something, don't get pissed off when they answer you with their honest opinion. 

And about those opinions. My own beliefs clock in left of center. I believe you should marry whoever it is that you love, you should be able to go to the doctor even if you don't make as much as one. I believe that the less fortunate of us should get the same kind of help that the most fortunate among us get. And if I disagree with you about this, it's OK. We aren't supposed to agree on everything. I don't care which one of us is right. One of my favorite musicians is Ted Nugent. Ted and I don't agree on the color of the sky. Some of my best friends and I can't agree on anything. 

I don't hate America and God because I don't subscribe to a belief system that the guy on Duck Dynasty does. It just means we don't agree on things. That doesn't mean that I find fault with him or anything he thinks. That's his belief. He's entitled to it. So is Ted Nugent, and all of my conservative or liberal friends. 

But rest assured of this. Duck Dynasty will continue to be on TV and sell beef jerky to everyone who wants it. If you support Gay Marriage, Twerking, God, Guns, Ted Nugent orGeorge Takei, it's OK. We are not supposed to agree on everything. Hell, we don't have to agree on *anything*. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you.