Okay, so this guy (Greg Keating claims the following:

- his mother worked at 30 Rockefeller Center (NBC headquarters) in 1993

- his mother was fired after getting pregnant

- he bears a strong resemblance to Conan O'Brien.

What do you think?

Okay, real talk.  I have NO IDEA what to make of this video.  This kid's making a 'wacky' internet video laying out the case that he is a major celebrity's love child, except that it's REALLY PERSUASIVE which then makes you feel really, really sad.  And while he's not in any way attacking Conan (indeed, he seems to look up to him) you're overcome with pity for the kid and anger at Conan.  Just several different emotional levels going on in a homemade youtube video.  2014 is a strange place.

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