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·Been on the air for 24+ years

·Airs on 8 regional radio stations

·Recipient of several prestigious awards, including that of “Top Public Affairs Program in PA”

SYLVIA MAUS- Public Affairs Director/Host- “Insight with Sylvia Maus”

Addicted” to the radio-biz for over three decades, Sylvia’s award-winning Public Affairs Show, “Insight with Sylvia Maus,” airs on eight i-Heart Radio Stations every Sunday morning.Sylvia says that “Insight” means so much to her “because she has real empathy for people and has faced and understands what many of us go through every day.”She takes these issues very seriously and tries to provide resources for her listeners that they can really use.

Hailing from Shamokin, Syl has also been a Reporter, covering the Legislature and the Governor for a state-wide radio network: a News-Director and a Morning Show sidekick.Sylvia is also a veteran Marketing and PR pro.

Inspired by her true belief that “nothing is more important than God, family and community”, Sylvia does a lot of on-going consulting (some pro bono) for individuals, non-profits and businesses.She is proud of the fact that she was asked to advise the White House concerning a national Drug and Alcohol Campaign, aimed at kids and their parents. She has been very active in the Central PA Community, having held leadership positions with local and state-wide organizations.

Syl says the most fun she has ever had has been working with her former side-kick, RJ Harris on Kool 99.3.And then, there were the times she followed a Governor into the men’s room; got into an argument with a former President; told a famous movie star that he was… well.. not a nice person; was about five feet away from Jon Bon Jovi… and couldn’t move….OMG...Jon Bon Jovi!!AND… lots more “accidental” things. Contact Sylvia at Insight with Sylvia Maus is pre-recorded at the i-Heart Media Studios, 600 Corporate Circle, Harrisburg, PA 17109.