New Mother Gets Sick After Husband Hides COVID-19 Symptoms To Visit Her

A new mother in New York started feeling sick after her husband hid his coronavirus symptoms so he could visit her in the maternity ward. Officials at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester banned most visits due to the global coronavirus pandemic. They made a few exceptions, which would allow parents to visit their sick children, family members to visit a patient who is near the end of their life, and a spouse to assist a woman giving birth.

In those cases, the hospital asked the visitors if they had been in contact with anybody who had COVID-19, or if they were showing any symptoms. Officials relied on the honor system, believing that visitors would not lie and risk getting their loved ones sick.

Now, the hospital is changing its policy after a man lied about being sick so he could visit his wife in the maternity ward. He admitted to lying after his wife started showing symptoms not long after giving birth. Officials said that privacy laws prevented them from disclosing if the man, his wife, or their newborn received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

Going forward, the hospital is going to perform temperature checks on visitors every 12 hours.

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