Scott Stapp Says Scott Weiland's Ghost Spoke to Him in the Bathroom

 SCOTT STAPP claims he got a visit from the ghost of SCOTT WEILAND while he was in a bathroom . . . and before you say anything, Scott claims he was NOT high.

 In an interview with "GQ" magazine, Stapp said it happened when he rented out the same tour bus that Weiland died in.

He said, quote, "It was almost like Weiland speaking to me from the grave, man.  It was a very weird feeling that I felt.  I remember being in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, on the bus, and really feeling like I could hear or feel him saying, 'Dude, this could have been you.  And this could BE you if you continue that path . . .

"'Don't do what I did.  Don't go down that road.'"  And that had a big impact on him.

 He said, quote, "It was just one of those weird things that . . . the stars aligned, the universe arranged itself at the right time to further impact me and further solidify my commitment to my recovery.  It was definitely one of those God moments.  I get goosebumps right now just talking about it.  It was a God moment."

For what it's worth, Stapp is currently singing for a band called Art of Anarchy . . . and Weiland was the singer on their previous album.

Michael Anthony Smith


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