Time well wasted..

Recently, after a long day on the job at my day job at "initech", I decided that I needed some decompression. A friend (I guess half jokingly, I just didn't know that at the time ;) ) said "lets go the a local watering hole and listen to some blues". I had to really mull this over. Said watering hole is more than an hour away. Add to that, watering holes and I don't have the relationship we once had. I was drunk once.. But it was for 14 years. I go to meetings now, to talk about the copious amounts of tea and coffee i drink. I do love coffee.

I decided... "Wheels up". I get a road trip, the company of a great person and blues.. Win win win... So I drove, and drove, and drove. I cleared 2 state lines, and still had a way to go. If there is one thing I've learned in life, is that it's more about the journey than the destination. An amazing journey it was. I made it to the watering hole where I was one of the only people in the place. My friend had in fact made other plans spontaneously, just like I did when I decided to go there. We exchanged texts, and located each other and sat up and talked for a while. After a while I headed back home, the light of my GPS via my iPhone illuminating my way, taking me through many towns of my early childhood on the way home. I was in familiar places, but it's funny how the view changes when you're not there for 45 years..

This weekend. If you don't have anything planned, might i suggest getting in the car, point your radio to The River 97.3 as well as your free iheartradio app (if you do this right, you'll lose our terrestrial signal, but you can't outrun the app) get on the road, and get lost on purpose.. Feel how different the ground feels beneath your feet. You'll notice the smell of the trees, and how the air will just feel different. This is the cure for what might be ailing you, that you know nothing about.

I now have a crush on the state of Virginia.

Michael Anthony Smith


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