Remake Learning Days - Central PA

Central PA

REMAKE LEARNING DAYS CENTRAL PA FESTIVAL RETURNS! Local organizations and schools providing opportunities for students and their families to wonder, explore, and learn together

WHAT: Remake Learning Days is a regional festival that celebrates innovative learning experiences for students and their families. Schools and organizations in our region are partnering with Engine of Central PA to host free events across our region. hands-on, interactive events designed to engage students, families, educators, and community members in new and exciting learning opportunities. From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities to arts and culture experiences, Remake Learning Days offers a diverse array of events to inspire creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

WHO: Families and students from all over Central Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to visit schools and organizations to learn together. The festival welcomes participants of all ages, including students, parents, educators, and community members interested in exploring innovative approaches to learning.

Festival dates run from May 2nd through May 22nd, with events happening as early as April 18th at Commonwealth Charter Academy’s Earth Day at AgWorks and as late as May 22nd at Touchstone Center for Crafts “Free Your Mind @Touchstone-Artist Talk with Theda Sandiford.” WHERE: Events are happening all over Central Pennsylvania!