Pet Of The Week

Hi, I'm Lakin, and let me wiggle on over to meet you! I'm an energetic girl with a nifty name -- "lakin" sometimes means toy, but for you Shakespeare fans out there, it's also his theatrical slang for "lady-kin." It's a term of affection and love, no matter what, and I'm full of affection! Although I'm a friendly girl, I don't really want to live with kids younger than 12 because I am anxious around loud noises, some types of handling, and sudden movements. A family with older kids or just adults would be great for me. I'm also not a fan of cats, but I do like dogs. My new adopter must have experience in owning a dog. I was found as a stray, so I may have had some rough days in my recent past. I'm hoping to calm down with lots of exercise and obedience training in my new home.

Hey all! I'm scrappy Miller, a one year old male tiger-striped tabby. I still like to strut my stuff around here, but all the other cats are telling me that pretty soon I'll have a home. Sounds good to me. I'm a high-energy fella who can't get enough of wand toys, feathers, and string. Toys are amazing! Right now, I'm not sure I like to be held, but I'm learning to like it. I'm focused and outgoing. I'm looking for a loving family who will play with me to keep my young mind sharp and happy. I’m obligated to report that I am FIV+. Please don’t pass me by! You don’t need to worry. A positive result doesn’t mean that I will have significant health issues in the future. I can live a normal and happy life. I want to go home and do all the other things that kitties do, like soak up the sun, chase toys, meow for my dinner and give you all the love, loyalty and happy companionship that I possibly can. Us, FIV+ kitties can live safely with non-positive kitties as long as we do not fight (FIV is only spread through deep bite wounds). And it is NOT transferable to people or dogs!



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