Pet Of The Week


Hi friends, I'm Silly Lily. Are you looking for someone who is no trouble at all and is easy to take care of? I am a sweet, shy, very beautiful cat. I may snuggle in my bed, but don’t let that fool you – I purrrr my head off once I get to know you. When you come visit, ask to see me at my cage, that’s where I feel most comfortable. Did you see my beautiful face and fur? Not many cats can match that beauty!

I hope you’ll give me a chance. A home on the quieter side would be so nice. You will need to take it slow when you bring me home. I’ll be scared with the change, but don’t you worry I’ll be purring with you in no time. If you are the cat lover who understands shy kitties and has the patience and gentle demeanor that will allow me to continue to blossom, please come to meet me! I have lived with other cats, so there’s a good chance I’ll get along with any you may have too. I know we are meant to be! Please come and visit me at the shelter. Love, Silly Lily


Trusty Rusty, at your service! I'm a senior male pit bull terrier mix who had a home all his life...but I lost it when my owner fell on hard times and could no longer afford my care. As you can probably tell from my photos, I'm a goofball who loves to amble around and play and be silly. However, I get easily overstimulated and mouthy with toys, so that means no kids under 12 for me. And an experienced owner might be a good idea too, so I can get some guidance with manners. I cannot live with cats -- way too interesting for me. With the dog I met, I was forward and pushy at first, but then I settled in and we went for a very nice walk together! So yes, I'm willing to meet your pack and see how things go.

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