Pet Of The Week


Who's a silly class clown? Kenickie! One look at my face and any dog lover knows that I'm full of over-the-top antics, curiosity, and energy (the kind of antics that are cute until they get me in to a little trouble). I love to climb on to things and into things (I've jumped into the toy box more than once), so I'll need a home that gives me lots of safe activities and plenty of exercise. Obedience lessons are in my future too. I seem to have no fear and no hesitation -- if there's a toy I want, I'm on it! I'm an adult male pit bull terrier mix who was found as a stray, so I don't have much discipline or training. I can get overstimulated and mouthy, especially with petting, so please, no kids under 10! I also can't live with cats (I would never leave them alone), but I could be tested with your dog if you have one (keeping in mind my high energy level and rambunctious playfulness).


Christmas might be over, but you can keep the yule log burning bright with me! Traditionally, a yule log was a thick log that could light up in a fireplace many nights in a row, for maximum warmth. Since I'm such a friendly girl and a great lap cat, I'm ready to warm up your lap for the rest of winter. I'm an adult female who arrived here as a stray, but I'm charming as can be. I seem to love all people, and I'm curious, easy to handle, playful, and full of purrs. My favorite toy is the laser pointer, but I'm just as content to curl up with you and watch a movie.

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