One of the classic Monopoly pieces just got booted (and it's not the boot piece)

As you may have heard, Monopoly is holding an online fan vote to determine which 8 pieces will be included in new editions of the game.  Fans can vote for the classic hat, dog, car, etc. or for lots of new choices including dinosaurs.  We won't know the results until next month, but Hasbro has just announced that one of the classic original 8 pieces didn't make the cut:


Yep, the thimble is gone!  This probably shouldn't be a surprise.  I liked the thimble, but if I'm honest I've never used a thimble and probably never even seen one other than inside a Monopoly game.  I'm a hat guy myself - YOU GUYS BETTER NOT VOTE OUT THE TOP HAT!!!!!!!

We'll find out March 3rd which eight pieces made the cut.


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