Pet Of The Week

Kloe Kard

Hello! I'm Miss Kloe Kard, the gorgeous canine version of Khloe Kardashian. You'll have no problem keeping up with me, because I'm a delightful girl who will return lots of loyalty to a special family. I'm a blue/fawn brindle lady who looks grayish in some light and more amber or brown in other light. I have big floppy ears and thoughtful eyes. I was born in 2016 and I had a home all my life, but my owner recently could not keep me, so here I am. I have never been socialized around other animals, so for now, I need to be your only pet. That's right, no cats, no dogs, no critters for Kloe. Just think of me as a celebrity who needs her private space and plenty of one-on-one attention! That attention should come in the form of obedience classes, daily exercise, and patient introductions to new situations. I'm young and bright, so I'm ready to learn! I should live with kids older than 12 because I can get fearful and mouthy at times. When I feel safe and confident around adults, I show my playful and affectionate side. Come meet me, Kloe!


Hi, I'm Hamm, just like that beloved wise-cracking piggy bank in "Toy Story". I'm the cutest little pork chop with a little Mr. Potato Head whiskerstache! Who says whiskerstaches can't be dainty and petite? I can be quite the ham, cheesing it up for my caretakers and visitors. I LOVE cat toys and will try to catch the feather wand, or bounce and pounce on the cat mouse teaser. I keep going and going and going like a Duracell battery! Think I'm all about games? No way! Call me Velcro kitty because I will stick to your lap! No plush toy could be as soft and cuddly as me. I'm "banking" on you to give me a home where I will be loved and cherished, always and forever. Can you make a withdrawal from your piggy bank and adopt me? It would be a cal-hamm-ity if you don't! I will steal your heart with my tiny sweet face and winsome ways. Save me from that Evil Dr. Porkchop! Don't go bacon my heart...visit me soon! I could be Hamm today, gone tomorrow!


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