That $400 Juicer? It's even worse than you thought

So Glenn & Bob have already covered the Juicero(TM), THE $399 wifi-enabled juicer that squeezes fresh juice out of, essentially, bags of juice.  As they cover in that post, people can still get the juice without the expensive juicer using a secret technique of SQUEEZING THE BAG TO MAKE THE JUICE COME OUT.

But it gets even better!!!!  Watch this instructional video - an instructional video from Juicero themselves - on how to make that juice.  Just watch this abomination:

Look at all those steps!  You have to unpack the juicer, download an app, open your box of juice pouches, load it up, wait two minutes, and THEN you get one small glass of juice!   Look at all that waste!  The juice comes in foil packets packed in a box packed inside ANOTHER box - which yields a total of FIVE GLASSES OF FREAKING JUICE.  People, Earth Day is April 22nd.  I'm not asking much, but please hold off all Juicero purchases until 4/23 at the earliest in respect.  Thank you.

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