Vinnie Vincent Reboots Comeback After February 'Full Shred' Failure

Vinnie Vincent has scheduled another live performance just months after canceling his previous comeback attempt in February.

Vincent had postponed his comeback from December to February as issues cropped up with the venue and his live band. Then with the rescheduled shows only about a week away, the former KISS guitarist and collaborator pulled the plug on the whole affair, in a move many deemed career-ending.

But Vincent appears to be running it back again, announcing a rare performance on June 7 at S.I.R. Soundstage in Nashville.

The guitar hero is apparently scaling back his expectations in terms of attendance this time around, putting only 60 VIP tickets on sale for $300 each via his website, Each ticket package includes a meet-and-greet from 1 - 4 p.m. the afternoon of the show.

A statement on the event page of Vincent's website referred to the ill-fated previous comeback attempt, blaming the promoter for the debacle.

"We are aware of all of the problems fans encountered with the last promoter and we are ensuring a safe and secured show for everyone who attends," the statement read.

There were rumors before the cancellation that Vincent felt like he was being rushed into the comeback and didn't have enough control over the shows.

Vincent has announced a new band for the upcoming SpeedBall Jamm performance at S.I.R. Soundstage, including musicians Mike Weeks and Chuck White, though it's unclear whether the performance will be acoustic or electric.

Vincent has performed a handful of acoustic storyteller-type sets since returning from a near-30-year hiatus last January. He has only performed electric with a full band once, which was with Four By Fate last October in a pre-Kiss Kruise event.

Drummer Carmine Appice, who was slated to perform with Vincent at the earlier canceled shows, said he thinks the guitarist blew his last chance. He noted that he had long been wary of Vincent's follow-through. Even though the shows weren't canceled until a week prior, the band had yet to rehearse and had little contact with Vincent directly.

"I always thought that if Vinnie messed this up, or whoever messed it up, I don't know if there'll be another chance," the drummer said.

Appice continued, saying he doubted whether Vincent was truly prepared to return.

"Vinnie's always been like a showoff kind of guy, and he just stood there," Appice recalled of the footage of Vincent's Four By Fate collaboration. "He looked like he was scared to me."

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