Dead & Co. May Continue After Grateful Dead Members Retire, Says John Mayer

John Mayer admits that going from popstar, to bluesman to Dead & Company and back has made for a pretty "whacky" career, but he tells Sammy Hagar in a new conversation that he's more than happy to enjoy the ride, no matter what direction it's going.

As far as Dead & Co. is concerned, Mayer tells Hagar's Rock & Roll Road Trip that he's not sure there's an end in sight. Bob Weir has signaled over the years, that he likes the idea of Dead & Co. carrying on the music and legacy of the Grateful Dead far into the future.

Mayer confirmed that he's in it for the long haul, if that's truly a possibility.

"To hear Bob Weir talk about it, he wants this to continue after [the surviving Grateful Dead members] are done touring," Mayer explained.

Dead & Co. toured this past summer and the band is likely to keep it going for at least a few more years, especially with a Grateful Dead biopic on the way, helmed by Martin Scorsese.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Hagar prodded Mayer about how he's been able to play successfully in so many proverbial musical leagues over the past 20 years.

Mayer admits some of his choices have shocked, perplexed and probably frustrated some people. He likes having hits, he loves playing the blues and he loves touring with members of one of his favorite bands of all-time, and he doesn't want to give anything up.

"I knew my life was never going to follow a straight line when I started playing guitar," Mayer says. "And I looked at the guitar one day and I said, 'I'll go where you lead me.'"

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