FOOD NEWS: Ordering Too Much Delivery Might Kill You

I already knew that ordering pizza three times a week wasn't the healthiest lifestyle choice. But this definitely makes it feel more real. A new study at the University of Iowa found that eating out or ordering too much delivery might actually be killing us.

We've known for a long time that restaurant food is full of salt and butter, and high in calories. But researchers drilled down by tracking 35,000 people who eat a lot of restaurant food.

Everyone in the study said they ate at least two meals a day from restaurants. So almost ALL of their meals.

And they found that people who do it that much have a 49% higher risk of premature death. They were also 65% more likely to die of cancer.

They didn't say what they think a "safe" amount of restaurant food is when it comes to your diet. But for most Americans, the answer is try to eat less of it. Or look for restaurants with healthier options.

If only there was a vaccine for that. Maybe someday!