The Top Rock Songs About Work to Get You Through Your Day

Need some motivation to get through your shift today? "Ultimate Classic Rock" put together a list of the 30 best work-related songs to have on your playlist. Here are the Top 20:

1.  "A Hard Day's Night",  The Beatles


2.  "The Load-Out"Jackson Browne


3.  "Takin' Care of Business",  Bachman-Turner Overdrive


4.  "Welcome to the Working Week",  Elvis Costello


5.  "Working Class Hero",  John Lennon


6.  "Money for Nothing",  Dire Straits


7.  "Manic Monday",  The Bangles


8.  "Career Opportunities"The Clash


9.  "Maggie's Farm",  Bob Dylan


10.  "Synchronicity 2",  The Police


11.  "Summertime Blues",  The Who


12.  "Working for the Weekend",  Loverboy


13.  "Working Man",  Rush


14.  "Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)",  Styx


15.  "She Works Hard for the Money",  Donna Summer


16.  "Factory",  Bruce Springsteen


17.  "Allentown",  Billy Joel


18.  "Slave to the Grind",  Skid Row


19.  "Bang the Drum All Day",  Todd Rundgren


20.  "Feel Like a Number",  Bob Seger

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