NotSoNews: Pizza Delivery Guy Trips Car Thief Who Was Running from Police

Police in Brookhaven, PA got a tip from a pizza delivery driver on a suspect. Actually, not a tip a TRIP.

On Sunday afternoon, the police were chasing after a suspected car thief, when the suspect jumped out of the car and fled on foot down a sidewalk. He was running toward a pizza delivery man named Tyler who was holding a pizza he was delivering nearby.

Tyler realized what was going on and he stuck out his leg and TRIPPED the suspect. The thief hit the ground, and the cops nabbed him.

Tyler later said he got a nasty bruise on his leg, but he'll survive. He said the police were very appreciative, and were high-fiving him afterward. The police chief said it was a crazy coincidence . . . and it did work out this time . . . but he warned that people should step aside safely, and let the police handle it.

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