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The Number Sweets And Desserts Each Person Will Consume Over The Holidays

If you want more people at your holiday party, really push the idea that you'll have lots of FOOD, especially sweets. 48% of Americans say they've gone to a party before, just for the desserts.

The poll looked at the most popular holiday flavors. And pumpkin spice made the list, but it's not THAT popular. It only ranked fifth.

Gingerbread is our favorite holiday flavor. The rest of the list:

*Salted caramel



*Pumpkin spice





Here are a few more quick stats . . .

1. The average person will eat 26 cookies over the holidays . . . 25 pieces of candy . . . 13 slices of cake . . . 12 pieces of pie . . . 13 brownies . . . and 13 cupcakes.  (I feel like I gained three pounds just listening to that.)


2. We're more likely to give into cravings during the holidays than any other time of year. The top reasons why include certain sweets are only available right now . . . and it's just an excuse to care less about being healthy.


3. 48% of us have HIDDEN holiday sweets to prevent roommates or other family members from stealing them.


4. The most common hiding spots are behind other stuff in kitchen cabinets . . . in a cupboard that doesn't usually have food in it . . . and where no one would ever check, a BATHROOM cabinet. 



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